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10 Dec 2023 » Platform

Today’s post is going to be a short one. Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) has a very useful feature called test mode. This allows you to perform a dry run on a journey before publishing it. It will only use profiles that are marked for this test.


The Adobe Experience League already has very comprehensive documentation on how to create test profiles. However, I feel like they are only useful for a development sandbox that you use as a playground.

If you already have an Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) implementation in place, you do not want to create new schemas. Instead, you should reuse the existing schemas you have. What I explain below is how to extend this schema for this purpose.

Schema update

Edit your main profile schema and add the field group “Profile test details” to it:

Profile test details

This field group just adds one Boolean attribute to your profile, testProfile:

Attribute test profile

Let me clarify something, to avoid any confusion. The previous screenshot shows an out-of-the-box schema. This is just for illustration purposes. As I said above, you should add the field group to your existing profile schema.

Profile load

You are now ready to load test profiles into AEP. They should be normal profiles, conforming to your schema, just with testProfile set to true. This is not a mandatory attribute, so you can leave your existing profiles without this attribute. I am not going to explain how to load these profiles; I assume you already have a process to load them or know how to manually load data into AEP.

AJO test mode

You can now go to your unpublished journey, enable test mode, and test the journey safely only on the test profiles you have designated.

Journey test mode


Photo by Chokniti Khongchum

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