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The Adobe Experience Cloud is full of names and acronyms, which are difficult to follow if you have just started working with Adobe tools. I will compile as many as I can here in the table below, so you can reference it when you encounter a new term.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Name Acronym Description Links
Adobe Analytics AA Web and app analytics tool. Anything that sounds like reporting or insights, you will probably want to do it here. Documentation
Adobe Advertising Cloud AAC After many name changes, this is the current name for Adobe's Demand Side Platform. When Adobe acquired Efficient Frontier, it also offered agency services to manage the advertising. However, now it is just a software product (SaaS). Description
Adobe Audience Manager AAM This is Adobe’s Data Management Platform (DMP), after the Demdex acquisition. In summary, it is a tool to create audiences, which can easily be shared with other services. I have one small favor to ask: do not call it “Adobe Audience” or just “Audience”; it is “Audience Manager”. Documentation
Adobe Campaign AC Generic name for Adobe's marketing automation tool. The easiest way to understand it is like the email tool. However, it does much more than that: automates messaging, updates databases, introduces delays, checks for customer interactions... It can also send SMS, push notifications and direct mails. For me, the key feature of Adobe Campaign is its capability to create journeys. There are two flavours: Adobe Campaign Classic and Adobe Campaign Standard.
Adobe Campaign Classic ACC Adobe’s marketing automation tool, which came after the Neolane acquistion. Although at some point it looked like it was going to be deprecated, it is very much alive and in active development. See Adobe Campaign for more details. Documentation v7 Documentation v8
Adobe Campaign Standard ACS Adobe’s alternative marketing automation tool. This was built from the ground up to become a SaaS solution. See Adobe Campaign for more details. Documentation
Adobe Commerce New name for Magento. This case in this table is the only exception where I refer to the old name, as the new one is widely used yet.
Adobe Experience Manager AEM If I said that this is a Content Management System (CMS), I would not be lying. However, I am sure that AEM experts would say that it is way more than a CMS. Anything that sounds like content (text, images, downloadable contents, combination of the previous...) will be managed by AEM. If you are starting to get your hands dirty with it as a developer, expect 4 years until you master it. Documentation
Adobe Media Optimizer AMO This is an old name for Adobe's Demand Side Platform. It is now called Adobe Advertising Cloud.
Adobe SiteCatalyst SC In the Omniture days and just after the Adobe acquisition, this is how Adobe Analytics was named. The last version was v15, which is what Adobe Analytics is based on.
Adobe Target AT Optimization and personalization tool. If you have to do A/B testing, optimization, recommendations… then this is your tool. Documentation
Adobe Test and Target TnT Old name for Adobe Target. If you think about it, it makes sense: test=optimization and target=personalization.
Adlens An old name of the Advertising Cloud, older than AMO, from the time of the Efficient Frontier acquisition. I am also aware that I have not put this one in strict alphabetical order, but it did not make sense to me to put it at the beginning.
Communiqué CQ This is the name of the CMS that came with the Day Software acquisition. It was kept until version 6.0, when it was renamed to Adobe Experience Manager.
Data Workbench DWB I do not think that anybody uses this tool anymore. The way I understood it is that it was like SiteCatalyst/Adobe Analytics on steroids. It would take the raw data and process it with more complex algorithms to produce deeper insights or analysis on the data.
Magento From what I have heard, our customers were asking Adobe for an ecommerce platform. The solution was to acquire this company, which offered exactly that. Very useful for retailers, who have thousands of products on sale, with multiple offers, price changes and categories. While we still refer to it as Magento, the new name is Adobe Commerce. Documentation
Marketo A marketing automation tool for the B2B worls, which puts it in the same group as [Adobe Campaign](#AC). However, this is where the similarities ends. Yes, it can send emails, but Marketo has many more features, like lead scoring and account based marketing. If you hear terms like MQL, opportunities and accounts, then this is your tool. Documentation
Omniture I still hear some people referring to Omniture instead of Adobe Analytics. Omniture was the company not the tool, but the name stuck. The tool name was Omniture SiteCatalyst.
Workfront One of the latest acquistions. To be honest, I do not fully understand what it does. From what I have heard, it helps marketing teams organize themselves to built marketing campaigns, but I may be wrong or this description may be too limited. For now, I will defer to the documentation Documentation

Adobe Experience Platform

Name Acronym Description Links
Adobe Experience Platform AEP This is the latest toy in the Adobe ecosystem. As its name implies, this is a platform, not a final product. Think of it as the foundation, as a common place for all the data, on top of which other services are being built and consume that data. These other services are similar to the existing single-solution tools of the Adobe Experience Cloud and are likely to replace them in the future. Documentation
Adobe Journey Optimizer AJO The easiest way to understand this tool is to think of it as Adobe Campaign Standard on Platform: it is a campaign orchestration tool, based on Adobe Experience Platform, which means it is a SaaS solution. Documentation
Customer Journey Analytics CJA With all the data that sits in the data lake, it would be stupid not to use for analysis and reporting. This is what CJA does. If you are familiar with Adobe Analytics Workspace, then you will not have much trouble getting used to it. One important detail about this tool is that it does not rely on the unified profile, only on the data lake. Documentation
Journey Orchestration JO This is Adobe Journey Optimizer’s little brother. I know the names can be very confusing, as they look almost the same, especially the acronym. The main difference is that JO cannot send emails and requires an external tool like Adobe Campaign to send emails. Documentation
Real-Time Customer Data Platform RTCDP This is the equivalent of Adobe Audience Manager, but on Platform. I know, it can sound confusing, as many people equate AEP with CDP, but Adobe has separated both and added the real-time component. In summary, it is the service to send segments to destinations. The segmentation engine is part of the core of AEP and common to all services. Documentation